Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Album: Lunarmare - Lunarmare

Band: Lunarmare
Album: Lunarmare
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

01. Trans Lunar Injection (Part I)
02. Bullet
03. Trans Lunar Injection (Part II)
04. Rings Of Saturn
05. Forget & Forgive
06. Trans Lunar Injection (Part III)
07. Pale Blue Dot
08. Answer
09. Trans Lunar Injection (Part -)
10. Overthought
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Lunarmare are a Greek band that play psychedelic/space rock. The truth is that I was impressed with the production, melodies and the album as a whole, that only few Greek bands have managed to do so! A really great work, which can place them among Monkey3, My Sleeping Karma and Mars Red Sky.

"Born in the minds of people that "boundaries", is too short a word to be set. Mind expanding, logic bemusing, emotionally appealing, we try to establish ourselves through time and place. Our yearning, to leave a trace."


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