Saturday, December 28, 2013

EP: Sleevenotes - We Are Mostly Made Of Nothing

Band: Sleevenotes
Album: We Are Mostly Made Of Nothing
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

01. Ghosts Of Former Lives
02. Taking Off
03. Go For It
04. We Played Out On This Movie Screen

Sleevenotes came into form in spring of 2013 as a writing outlet for Brad Couture, NH-based multi-instrumentalist, composer, music producer, and mixing engineer.  Having no real background in arrangement, mixing or music production at the time, Brad spent countless hours locked in his small apartment room late into the night, writing, researching, and experimenting.

"The majority of time I spent at first was just teaching myself how to use the tools and instruments at my disposal, and try and recreate what I heard in my head", Brad notes. "I had this burning desire to learn, to understand some of the mystery behind the whole process and be able to apply it myself."

"I've always had hopes to connect with other people emotionally through the attempts I make to pour myself into music", Brad adds. "That possibility someone has shared my frustrations and elations, my rises and falls. The painful nostalgia that paralyze you, and the homesick longings for some place you've never been to."

"Life moves us all in different ways. It moves me to write music."

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