Friday, April 24, 2015

Album: Adolf Plays The Jazz - Tinder

Band: Adolf Plays The Jazz
Album: Tinder
Label: Self Released
Year: 2015

01. Woven Cloud
02. Care
03. -
04. Tendency To Fall
05. Panik
06. Natural Born Manic
07. -
08. Words
09. Collapse

Adolf Plays The Jazz have nothing to do whatsoever with politics and fascism especially. 

In essence, the band is formed in 2002, even though the first song under the name Adolf Plays The Jazz created in 1998 (it's "Frank Zappa needs haircut", which was later included in the Muzzle the birds EP).  Adolf Plays The Jazz have never had a specific line-up. Anyone who has been involved in their releases and activities in any way is considered a member of the band. Of course it's not about a collective of any sort. The terms post-rock and shoegaze might be the most appropriate to describe their music, but Adolf Plays The Jazz are influenced by everything they listen to, read or see...

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