Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Album: The OO-Ray - Empty Orchestra

Band: The OO-Ray
Album: Empty Orchestra
Label: Lifelike Family
Year: 2015

01. Barriers
02. Our Wasted Summer
03. Hindsight
04. Normals
05. Vapours
06. Crush Point
07. Black Midi
08. Summits
09. Hunting Song

The OO-Ray is the alias of Ted Laderas, an improvisatory and experimental cellist from Portland, OR. A systems biologist by day, he extends his experimental attitude to exploring the outer possibilities of the cello, often distorting, looping, or pitchshifting his instrument beyond recognizability into waves of reverberation and extended drones. Inspired by the gauzy textures of My Bloody Valentine, he call his style “shoegazer cello” or “chamber drone”. His music explores the realms of electroacoustic, shoegazer, and ambient.

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