Monday, May 16, 2016

Album: Release The Long Ships - Holocene

Band: Release The Long Ships
Album: Holocene
Label: Self Released
Year: 2016

01. Holocene
02. Rainmaker
03. Tesla And Tunguska
04. Turned Into A Deer
05. Glaciers
06. Death In Norilsk
07. Feathers And Bones
08. 90 Days Of Night

'Tesla And Tunguska' - rework of 'Far Away From City Walls' by Erudite Stoner
Matheus Novaes (Erudite Stoner) - songwriting, acoustic guitar

'Death In Norilsk' - rework of 'Amber' by Endless Melancholy
Oleksiy Sakevych (Sleeping Bear, Endless Melancholy) - songwriting, piano, ambient 

'Feathers and Bones' Cameron Boesch (Nullingroots) - vocals

'90 Days Of Night' István Csarnogurszky (Musicformessier, Black Hill) - guitars

Release The Long Ships is the solo project by Ferenc Kapiller from Szombathely, Hungary. He does everything by himself, music writing, production and cover art.The project started as "Rain Catalogue" in october 2011.

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