Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Streaming: Staghorn - Parousia I-Kismet II

Band: Staghorn
Album: Parousia I-Kismet II
Label: Self Released
Year: 2015

01. Oro De Corazon
02. Trins Chado Ocho Rio
03. Siri Skylark
04. Sheeba
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Staghorn is an instrumental three-piece outfit from St. Louis, Missouri. Their debut release, “Parousia I / Kismet II” - 30 minutes of euphonic introspection where global ethic and activism, transcend the traditional parameters of music. Equally heavy in concept and musicality, “Parousia I / Kismet II” is the soundtrack to building a better world. Set within proverbial walls of sound a spoken word narrative concerning a final human settlement evokes images of dystopia, invoking moods both bleak and hopeful. 

Strongly principled as a do-it-yourself collective operating Leave Your Mark Print Shop and Mills Custom Amps, all vinyl and CD copies of “Parousia I / Kismet II” come with detailed custom packaging, designed, screen-printed, and built from the ground up in house. Creativity and compassion effects a working, sustainable future. 

Music. Thought. Action. Solidarity.

You, are Staghorn.

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