Friday, April 21, 2017

Recommendation: Outrun The Sunlight - Red Bird

Band: Outrun The Sunlight
Album: Red Bird
Label: Self Released
Year: 2017

01. Red Bird
02. Synergy
03. The Danger Of Alignment
04. Remaining In A Constant State Of Discomfort
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Outrun The Sunlight is a 4-piece instrumental progressive metal band from Chicago,USA.

From soaring guitar lines, complex rhythms and ambient soundscapes, “Red Bird,” demonstrates the vastness of metal music, taking influence from Caspian, Cloudkicker, The Contortionist and more. Traditionally grouped into progressive metal and djent, the quartet has made a conscious effort to transcend all conventions and constraints that factor into production, songwriting and image of those genres. Leaving behind direct-in guitar recording, programmed drums and in-house mixing/mastering, all four members performed and critiqued the album, creating the most organic and truest form of the band yet. “Red Bird” evokes cathartic feelings of love, growth and uncertainty, and being that it’s instrumental, it encourages the listener to create their own narratives in the music. 

This album is best listened to in a quiet space on your best set of headphones.

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