Thursday, April 06, 2017

Streaming: Lights & Motion - Dear Avalanche

Band: Lights & Motion
Album: Dear Avalanche
Label: Deep Elm Records
Year: 2017

01. This Explosion Within
02. Feathers
03. Silver Lining
04. Anomaly
05. Pandora
06. Perfect Symmetry
07. Everest
08. Lucid Dreaming
09. DNA
10. Anamorphic
11. Exhale
12. As They Sleep
13. All The Way
14. We Only Have Forever
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The latest offering in a discography often described as the ultimate symmetry of music and emotion, Dear Avalanche is the most accomplished and fully realized expression of sounds to date from cinematic post-rock powerhouse Lights & Motion. Although many claim he is a magician, the band's braintrust, Christoffer Franzen, is a storyteller...and a masterful one at that. From the majestic climax of "This Explosion Within" to the hopeful build of "Silver Lining" to the delicate innocence of "Anomaly", every Lights & Motion track tells its own story by transporting the listener through tenor and tone to a place where anything and everything is possible. This astonishing interplay of soul and sound is truly a work of art as it connects with the listener in a way that transcends the music itself. Franzen's ability to elicit emotion on a universal level and touch the heart without words, is simply beyond the limits of all imagination. With this expertly crafted collection of rich new soundscapes, Lights & Motion not only again delivers but also elevates the architecture of cinematic post-rock to awe-inspiring new heights. 

"I can safely say that this album was a big challenge and undertaking for me. I spent roughly two years writing it, and in that time I experimented a lot with trying to push myself outside of my comfort zone. By the end of it, I had written more than twenty-five songs and from them I chose fourteen to be featured on the album. I did things that I have never attempted before, such as recording a ten piece choir and incorporating a lot of vintage synthesizer sounds and electronics. I was determined to find new areas of my music that I hadn’t discovered, and looking back I think I did just that. The album is filled with lots of different textures that I created, like running choirs through distorted guitar amps or taking beautiful string recordings and processing them to sound otherworldly and ethereal. Every song brought with it a large canvas which I filled with interesting new sounds to help bring each composition to life," says Franzen. 

Franzen continues, "The album title just came to me and I instantly connected with it. While it may sound paradoxical because an avalanche is so dangerous, it reminds me that there is always a precious silver lining in everything that happens. Events in your life will threaten to overpower you, but there is strength in facing them head on, accepting them for what they are and choosing always to look for the positive message in all the hardship and struggle. I hope people listening to this album will feel like they've been taken on a journey, as I worked hard at creating a world of sonic panoramas to get lost in. Looking back, I think this is my most diverse album to date. The melodies are still very much present, but the sonic identities change as the album ebbs and flows. For me, the experience of making albums is a very solitary one. For several years I have lived with these songs, first in my head and then in my hands. Now I am ready to release them into the world. Getting to share them with everyone is the ultimate payoff after all this work, and one I'm really looking forward to." 


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