Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Album: Rosetta - Wake/Lift

Artist: Rosetta
Album: Wake/Lift
Label: Translation Loss Records
Year: 2007

01. Red In Tooth And Claw
02. Lift (Part 1)
03. Lift (Part 2)
04. Lift (Part 3)
05. Wake
06. (Temet Nosce)
07. Monument

Rosetta is an American art metal band incorporating elements of post-hardcore, drone music, and ambient music creating a sprawling, atmospheric sound similar to Neurosis and Isis.

Rosetta's members all were acquaintances in high school, and had played in various bands until they decided to play together at the last minute at a gig on June 22nd, 2003, at which they improvised the entire show. Following this, they proceeded to write more songs, play more shows, and eventually record a four-song demo album, which picked up interest from Translation Loss Records.

Their debut album, The Galilean Satellites, featured two separate hour-long discs (one of more metal-oriented music, and one of ambience) that synchronize together. Although originally intended to be one disc of metal tracks sandwiched by ambient ones, the band had enough material to cover two discs.

The band's second release, Project Mercury, a split with Balboa

The band's name does not come from the Rosetta Stone, but was chosen rather for its femininity and beauty. It is also, coincidentally, the name of a satellite used to study comets and an orbit type.

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