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Album: Sybreed - Antares

Artist: Sybreed
Album: Antares
Label: Listenable Records
Year: 2007

01. Emma-0
02. Ego Bypass Generator
03. Revive My Wounds
04. Isolate
05. Dynamic
06. Neurodrive
07. Ex-Inferis
08. Permafrost
09. Orbital
10. Twelve Megatons Gravity
11. Ethernity

The Past - Formed in 2003 in Geneva, Switzerland by guitar player Drop and singer Benjamin, Sybreed was created as an apocalypse driven sound machine, reflecting a mutual taste for extreme metal and industrial music with conceptual content focused on social misery, everyday alienation and more generally, the decay of modern way of life. Later, bass player Burn and drummer Alex joined them, completing the band’s line-up for almost three years. During the first year of existence, they begun to work on material for their first album Slave Design and then performed around the US to unleash it's electronic violence on stage, that build up a solid base of fans among the US audience. Coming back to Europe, they concentrated on stage performance for almost two years, doing more than sixty shows until beginning of 2006. At that stage, their drummer decided to resign, forcing the band to take the few months break.

Meanwhile, Drop will begin to work on what will become the Slave Design's successor, which started obviously to go far further from what they have done previously, re-introducing Black and Death metal influences, and thus injecting a new dimension of brutality in their music. At the same time, they will develop further the melodic side also, increasing clean vocals quality and quantity, with still this electronic touch making Sybreed’s sound easily recognizable among others.
Then, wishing to start recording their new effort, they asked Soilwork's drummer Dirk Verbeuren, who kindly accepted, to record Sybreed’s new album, bringing with him his technical powerful drums style. Later, Kevin joined the band, bringing back the full force in Sybreed’s line-up: he was selected for his impressive capacity of emulating most of Dirk's parts, adding in the process his sadistic groove and explosive speed skills, opening interesting perspectives for the future of the band's evolution.

The Present - Sybreed is back, finalizing their second LP called Antares, which will symbolize what the band's music has become: an aggressive and monumental shape of sound, a fast yet melodic extreme metal filled with futuristic ambiances, relentless, blasting parts shifting to epic choruses, tortured screams melting with desperate yet crystal clear voices, all that converging to make you feel like the last man on earth, lost on the edge of the world, witness of the end of civilization. Antares is the pulsing noise celebrating the fall from grace, the loss of hope and innocence, and our own human nature confronted to Eternity.

The Future - Sybreed has just signed a new record deal with Listenable Records, home of bands like Gojira, Scarve, Immolation, Hacride and Kruger to name a few. The second sonic attack of the band, Antares, will be released world wide during October 2007

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