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Album: Adolf Plays The Jazz - Stealth (EP)

Band: Adolf Plays The Jazz
Album: Stealth (EP)
Label: Self-released
Year: 2008


01. Nothing to Lose
02. Stealth
03. Nameless
04. Overseas
05. Strange World

Adolf Plays the Jazz is a Greek post rock band formed in Athens in the year of 2002. They started creating music for soundtracks of films their friends made. Their musics aim is to combine the art rock of the 70's (head music) with todays post rock feeling (heart music) through a punk//do it yourself//lo-fi - attitude.

Adolf plays the jazz
stands against the promotion system which serves plastic art and fake idols...their stuff is free, which means that no-one has the right to earn money from it...their belief is to spread their music with the only and honest way , hand to hand and word of mouth.

Adolf plays the jazz has nothing to do with politics and especially fascism

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