Monday, January 18, 2010

Album: Kerretta - Vilayer

Band: Kerretta
Album: Vilayer
Label: Midium Records
Year: 2009

01. Sleepers
02. Maven Fade
03. The Secret Is Momentum
04. Dinshah
05. The Square Outside
06. Nest Of Spies
07. White Lie
08. Bone Amber Reigns

For those who have seen their blistering live show, Kerretta will no doubt be high on the "to see" gig agenda. Those yet to experience the propulsive, driving rock from this instrumental three-piece have a chance to see them push the envelope of tone and dynamics in an intense set.

Their catchy, sometimes ambient brand of molten-core will appeal to fans of The Swans and Isis, but discerning listeners will know the trio peddle a uniquely atmospheric take on angular rock. From influences that range from Wu Tang-esque drum patterns to Bailterspace style bass hooks, Kerretta released their debut 7" "Death In The Future" in 2007, and have since shared stages with the likes of Explosions In The Sky, The Breeders, Mono and Trail Of Dead. They continued to release the "Antient" EP on 12" vinyl in 2008 and finally, scattered with catchy hooks throughout, 2009 was the year their longplayer "Vilayer" was noted by reviewers in making Kerretta stand well apart from the paint by numbers delay pedal abuse bands of the past.

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