Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Album: Rubycone - Pictures For Susceptible Housewives

Band: Rubycone
Album: Pictures For Susceptible Housewives
Label: Mals Ltd.
Year: 2009

01. It's All About Fashion
02. And The Perfect Yellow Walls Would Show You The Magic
03. Midnight Broken Heat
04. Children And Funny Earthquake
05. Fisherman's Story
06. Vikings Love Horses
07. Cry, Baby, You Are A Machine
08. Porcupine Tree Alone
09. Don't Stop, Michael
10. Downhill On The Bike
11. When The Rain Is Over I'll Say To You - Hasta La Vista

Rubycone is a river in italy which was crossed by Julius Caesar. Since then the word has been popularized to mean the ultimate boundary. In this case, though, it is comprised of two words - ruby & cone (which’s nothing but a play on words).

Rubycone are Roma "Romones" (guitar), Nikita "Primus man"(drums), Stas "VStas"(bass) and Stas "Norfeus"(guitar). Troubles with vocals raised the idea of changing the guitar lines so that they should also perform some functions of vocals, and music became more complex and more abstract. First four songs were changed, new stuff in a new style was written and then Rubycone had their first gig in Odessa on 16 February 2008. Within 7 months Rubycone played in Chisinau (twice supported Russian bands and held several local split concerts) and participated on a fest in Ukraine.

In August due to the circumstances the money met the Rubycone and in some time they made an album together. The album linked the songs together under the idea of a sequence of pictures, designed to melt any susceptible my-life-became-better-after-I-bought-a-new-fridge housewife in each of us. Now, while the guys are struggling with the housewives in their own minds, the wheel of time makes its turn and soon we'll find out what's next on the TV of life.

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