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Album: Battle Of Britain Memorial - The Aftermath Of Your Bright Beings

Band: Battle Of Britain Memorial
Album: The Aftermath Of Your Bright Beings
Label: Self Released
Year: 2011

01. Welcome To Rapture
02. Metaphysics Of The Lighthouse
03. Those Who Hide Their Plight
04. Cum Tacent Clamant
05. Midnight Blue
06. The Fall

Battle Of Britain Memorial continue the tradition of good screamo bands from France.
They were founded in April, 2009 by the will of three friends (Paul, guitars, Ludo, voice, and Vincent, drums) who simply wanted to play some music together.

They scored several songs but their true identity emerged when Rémi (bass) joined the band in October, 2009. Led by mutual influences, from post-rock (Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky…) to screamo (Envy, Impure Wilhelmina…) and post-hardcore (Neurosis, Cult of Luna…), the band established a live set and did its first concert in May, 2010. Battle Of Britain Memorial performed several gigs near Toulouse in 2010, with bands such as Time To Burn, Sélénites, When Icarus Falls and Robot Orchestra.

A debut album was recorded in spring 2010 by Jérémie Mazan (guitarist in Nephalokia) and was out on May 6th 2011. The Aftermath of Your Bright Beings is a concept-album compiling the first songs of the band, which is currently composing new stuff.

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