Sunday, May 22, 2011

Album: Boris - Attention Please

Band: Boris
Album: Attention Please
Label: Sargent House
Year: 2011

1. Attention Please
2. Hope
3. Party Boy
4. See You Next Week
5. Tokyo Wonder Land
6. You
7. Aileron
8. Les Paul Custom '86
9. Spoon
10. Hand in Hand

Boris is a Japanese experimental rock band, known for often combining and switching between different music genres including drone metal, sludge metal, noise rock, psychedelic rock, ambient and pop. As of 2008, personnel are drummer-vocalist Atsuo, bassist-guitarist-vocalist Takeshi, and guitarist-vocalist Wata.
Boris takes its name from a song on the Melvins' Bullhead album.

Iconoclast Japanese trio Boris are widely known for their ability to breach styles and stretch sonic boundaries of all that is heavy, psychedelic, droning and downright cathartic. But, Attention Please is more like a complete redefining of their potential in several ways. First and foremost, it is the first album on which all vocals are sung by lead guitarist, Wata. While she has previously sung on a couple of songs for singles and her own solo recordings, the entire 10-song album features her intimate, multifaceted vocal style. Secondly, the songs on Attention Please have a sultry, intoxicating catchiness to them. It’s melodic without sounding pop. It’s psychedelic without sounding dated. It’s heavy without relying on barre chord riffs.


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