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Album: Sioum - I Am Mortal, But Was Fiend

Band: Sioum
Album: I Am Mortal, But Was Fiend
Label: Endless Field Studios
Year: 2010

01. Upon Awakening
02. Pillars
03. Pillars (Among Us)
04. Shift
05. Drifting Away
06. Chambers
07. Lapse
08. Continuum
09. Fields
10. Fields (Ocean Of Silence)
11. Pulse
12. Collapse

Sioum is an instrumental/progressive/post-rock/post-metal trio(guitar, keyboard, drums) from Chicago, IL. The band often draws inspiration from dreams, movies, video games, and most frequently, emotion itself. Post-metal/rock, as well as progressive influence are often noted, although occasionally, many broad (and unusual) influences, such as classical and chip-tune, can be heard.

Sioum’s recent full-length, I Am Mortal, But Was Fiend, was self recorded, mixed, and produced in their basement over a span of 8 months, with help of Endless Field Studio front-man Paul Petrosyan. The album consists of three songs split into movements, like classical music, with artwork shadowing the untold stories of the music. It was released on July 16, 2010.

Alongside local live shows, the band has already begun writing new material, and are currently organizing tours for the US.

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