Thursday, October 25, 2012

Album: Blueneck - Epilogue

Band: Blueneck
Album: Epilogue
Label: Denovali Records
Year: 2012

01. Apogee
02. Carina
03. (Eta Carinae)
04. Colonization - Incident 1
05. Colonization - Incident 2
06. Symbiosis - Part 1
07. Symbiosis - Part 2
08. Suppression

UK band Blueneck bring their trademark sense of melancholy mood and melody to a new instrumental project called "Epilogue", due for worldwide release on Denovali records in October 2012. Typically known for the distinctive haunting vocals of mainman Duncan Attwood, "Epilogue" takes a deliberately different approach. Inspired by Attwood's recently commissioned solo work on soundtracks for independent films, not to mention the influence of inspirational composers and soundscapers such as Brian Eno, Air, John Carpenter and Clint Mansell, this vocal-free release is the soundtrack to an (as yet) imaginary film. "Epilogue" follows a trio of critically-acclaimed full length albums (2006's Scars of the Midwest; 2009's The Fallen Host ; 2011's Repetitions).

Attwood says ""Epilogue" is intended as both the start and end of a number of distinct creative periods. It's a bookend to our three previous full-length vocal albums, a statement of intent on our parallel soundtrack work, and a means of clearing our collective minds before we started work on our new recording. It's our intention that the Blueneck you hear in the future will be markedly different to what you hear on this release". The band are currently working on the release of their fourth full-length vocal album, as yet untitled, due for release on Denovali in 2013.

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