Friday, October 26, 2012

EP: EF - Delusions Of Grandeur

Band: EF
Album: Delusions Of Grandeur EP
Label: Pelagic Records
Year: 2012

01. Delusions Of Grandeur
02. Fem
03. I Never Felt This Way Before

EF was formed in 2003. In 2006 the band made themselves a name in the post-rock genre with their debut album “Give me beauty… Or give me death!” and the song “Hello Scotland”. The band started to tour Europe intensively.

Second full length album “I am responsible” was released in 2008. A bit darker story. The band moved up to the bigger live venues, played some festivals and also supported bands like Red Sparowes, 65daysofstatic, Aereogramme and many more.

“Mourning golden morning” was released on April 1st 2010. The bands third full length album recorded and produced by Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna). Do we need to say it sounds absolutely amazing!?! The sound have grown, become more focused and dead on. It’s more heavy and raw but still catchy and very dynamic. The album got raving reviews all over Europe and EF did a 6 week tour to support it.

In 2011 the band did their very first Asia tour during two weeks. A incredible experience that is hard to describe but EF will definitely go back. The spring and summer also offered EF some festival appearances and numerous of selected club shows. For example Friction Fest (DE) Dunk! Festival (BE), Wave Gottik Treffen (DE), Bootboohook (DE), Ieper Hardcore Fest (BE) and Stemweder Open Air (DE).

Up to date the band have done 14 European tours and grown to a stable, dynamic and explosive live band. Sometimes we say that EF is one of the hardest working independent bands in Europe. I guess we’re right.

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Søren Hartvig said...

Hey, you might wanna check out "Pioneers of Spaceflight" by Danish post-rock/shoegazers "Late Night Venture", that previously had played shows with EF and likeminded bands like "This will Destroy You", "Caspian", Jeniferever and lots more.

The album is produced and mixed by Magnus Lindberg from Cult of Luna and is available for streaming right here :

Pioneers of Spaceflight


Also check