Thursday, October 11, 2012

Graphic Novel: Elysium Online

Elysium Online is a full color, 96 page graphic novel by Ilias Kyriazis.
It’s a sci-fi, horror drama that is as much about the way society deals with mortality as it is about disaster movie type mass destruction.
It's an ambitious project they've been working on for quite some time. Currently the book is almost halfway finished. They thought that now was the time to present it to the online community, hoping they can get you as excited for the world or Elysium Online as they are!

"Just when I thought it was impossible to come up with a fresh, original concept in horror, Ilias Kyriazis has done it. And he drew it beautifully too. Someone needs to tell him there's such a thing as being TOO talented!"
Christos Gage, writer (Avengers Academy, X-men Legacy)

The story is about Elysium, a revolutionary social network. By logging in you’ll be able to interact with your deceased loved ones who now exist in a digital afterlife. It’s October 2021 and everyone is eagerly anticipating its official release.

What no one imagines is that the Elysium dead hate us. Just for being alive. And they’re biding their time until they get online. The moment they do, they’ll take over the internet and use anything with net access, from cars to aircraft carriers to wipe out the living.

Paul is an Elysium developer more at ease with the dead than the living. His estranged sister, Anne, is longing to see again her late husband online. Zarya is a goth, teenage beta tester that sees death as an adventure. Together, they’ll have to survive the nightmare that follows the Elysium Release Day.

 "A much scarier and more emotionally hard-hitting version of a Roland Emerich movie!"
Mike Carey, writer (X-Men Legacy, Lucifer)

"Wow! [Elysium Online] is stunning!"
Scott Lobdell, writer (Superman, Uncanny X-men)

About the creators
Ilias Kyriazis has been working in comics since 2001. He's had a successful career in Greece, winning a series of awards and creating much-loved books like MANIFESTO, BLOOD OPERA and BLAST Comics.
Lately he's been working mainly for U.S publishers. He's worked together with Scott Lobdell on two mini series, GALAXY QUEST: GLOBAL WARNING and GHOSTBUSTERS: DISPLACED AGGRESSION, and he wrote and drew the graphic novel FALLING FOR LIONHEART (published in Greece as MIA KARDIA GIA TON LEONTOKARDO) for IDW. He also created MELODY for DC/ Zuda (that was nominated for a LULU award for Best Female Character). Recently he drew the 2012 VAMPIRELLA annual for Dynamite. Currently he's doing inks and pencils for an as yet unannounced mini series for the same publisher.
 Joining Ilias is Dimitrios Kasdaglis. He will be drawing a series of “mock Elysium ads” that will be appearing throughout the book in crucial moments. Dimitrios has been illustrating children's books professionally for more than a decade but always had a sweet tooth for comics.

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