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Album: Various Artists - Deep Elm Sampler No. 12 "Sometimes I See You In The Stars"

Band: Various Artists
Album: Sampler No. 12 "Sometimes I See You In The Stars"
Label: Deep Elm Records
Year: 2014

01. Lights & Motion - "Heartbeats" from the album Save Your Heart
02. Athletics - "III" from the album Who You Are Is Not Enough
03. Dorena - "My Childhood Friend" from the album Nuet
04. Accents - "Hold Me Close" from the album Tall Tales
05. Lights & Motion - "Bravery" from the album Unreleased
06. Carly Comando - "Daydream" (unreleased)
07. The Dandelion War - "Bridge Keeper" (unreleased)
08. Papermoons - "Arms Length" from the album No Love
09. Moonlit Sailor - "Skydiver" from the album We Come From Exploding Stars
10. Our Lost Infantry - "The Dry Salvages" (unreleased)
11. Last Lungs - "Bricks" (unreleased)
12. This Drama - "Take It (Leave It)" from the album The Wasted Youth
13. The Lions Rampant - "Crazy Or A Liar" (unreleased)
14. Les Sages - "Nomades" from the album Blood Harmony
15. Lily And The Pearl - "Elephant" from the album Elephant
16. U137 - "Watching The Storm" from the album Dreamer On The Run
17. Lights & Motion - "Lend Me The Courage Of Stars" (unreleased)

Nineteen battle-worn years and over 200 releases in the making, the 12th label sampler by indie stalwart Deep Elm Records titled Sometimes I See You In The Stars features new, unreleased songs by Lights & Motion (cinematic post-rock from Gothenburg, Sweden), Carly Comando (inspirational piano ballads from Easton, PA), Last Lungs (instrumental post-rock from Preston, England), The Dandelion War (ambient post-rock Oakland, CA), Our Lost Infantry (progressive post-rock from Aldershot, England) and The Lions Rampant (garage rock from Dayton, KY) plus fan favorites from recent releases by Athletics (post-rock/post-hardcore from Asbury Park, NJ), Dorena (instrumental post-rock from Gothenburg, Sweden), Accents (indie folk-rock from Albany, NY), Papermoons (indie folk-rock from Austin, TX), Moonlit Sailor (instrumental post-rock from Boras, Sweden), This Drama (punk-n-roll from Tenerife, Spain), Les Sages (emo/indie rock from Salt Lake City, UT), Lily And The Pearl (indie rock / acoustic from Baltimore, MD) and U137 (cinematic post-rock from Boras, Sweden). Every new and forthcoming release in the Deep Elm catalog is represented in this brand new 74 minute, sampler with artwork by Victoria Ofrina (aka Keid-89).

Deep Elm Records is part of a threatened breed of "true independents" that exist for the love of music. Most so-called "indie" labels are, in fact, funded and distributed by major record labels and their affiliates. Not Deep Elm. On a completely self-sufficient basis and without any outside support, Deep Elm competes in an industry dominated by corporate giants. They are proud to be 100% independent. So if you like what you hear, show some love, name your price and spread the word. And they'll make sure these bands are there when you need them.

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