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Flashback: North - Siberia

Band: North
Album: Siberia
Label: Self Released
Year: 2006

01. Path Of The Abandonded
02. Hope In The Form Of Light
03. Depleted And Ill-Willed
04. A Plague Of Silhouettes
05. Echoes Of Embers
06. Alone In A White Ocean
07. Gripped And Numb
08. Body Abandoned

North is the moniker of the Arizona-based atmospheric sludge metal quintet. 

Formed by drummer Zachary Hansen, bassist Evan Leek, and guitarist Ty Engle as an instrumental trio in 2005, North added guitarist Matthew Mutterperl and self released their EP “Siberia” in the Summer of 2006, followed by extensive touring. 

In 2007 the group released their follow up EP “Ruins,” noted for exploring a darker sound previously hinted at on “Siberia”.

 After adding keyboardist Peter Ridgeway and vocalist Kyle Hardy, the critically acclaimed “What You Were” was released in July 2008 by Toledo, Ohio-based Cavity Records, followed by two years of various tours throughout the U.S. 

Not shortly thereafter, Ty Engle left the band, and writing for the next full length began in January 2010. Pete left amicably in 2011, and guitarist Kyle Szostek was welcomed later that year. Their fourth album, The Great Silence, was themed around the question of extraterrestrial life and saw an August 2012 release with six weeks of tour support covering much of the US. 

2013 saw the departure of vocalist Kyle Hardy as well as guitarist Kyle Szostek, leaving the band as a three-piece with Evan Leek assuming both vocals and bass.

In 2014 North released their fifth album called Metanoia.

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