Saturday, May 31, 2014

Album: Shodai - With Grass Above Ones Head

Band: Shodai
Album: With Grass Above Ones Head
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

01. The Undying Solitude.
02. It's Floating Above Me, It's Not An Aircraft.
03. The Weary Traveler.
04. Super Explosive Wave.
05. A Moonless Night.
06. Valour.
07. I Am More Than The Skin I Live In.
08. Enshrine.
09. A Storm At Sea.
10. The Anger Of A Gentle Man.

"With Grass Above Ones Head is comprised of ten songs that reflect, I suppose, how I've felt over the past year. I think this album is much more relaxed for the most part with a couple of exceptions, lots of soft synths and rich harmonies. Anyway, if you like it please download and let me know what you think. Donate if you feel i've earned it. " - Ryan Taylor (Shodai)


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