Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Streaming: Code I - Although We May Fall EP

Band: Code I
Album: Although We May Fall EP
Label: Fluttery Records
Year: 2016

01. Return Of The Black Star
02. As We Walk Amongst These Harboured Dreams
03. There Is A Separate Path
04. Chaos In Disorder
05. Ascension

The one man post-rock ship, Alex Wilkinson, under the alias Code I has released a more uplifting EP than seen in his previous works. ‘Although We May Fall’ takes you on a journey of optimism, and suspense whilst still maintaining the power and force seen in his earlier album ‘A Deep Red’.

‘Although We May Fall’ was originally inspired by the ever growing discoveries of our solar system. New worlds and plains of existence have been a major factor in this EP’s conception and progression and this is reflected in songs such as ‘There is a Separate Path’ and ‘Return of the Black Star’.

‘Although We May Fall’ is indeed a true post-rock album lending to Code I’s earlier works. Combining heavy hard hitting riffs and melancholic atmospheres which will in no doubt, please the ears of any die hard post-rock fan.


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