Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Recommendation: Përl - Luminance

Band: Përl
Album: Luminance
Label: Apathia Records
Year: 2017

01. Himalaya (Deval, Part. 1)
02. Ka
03. Séléné
04. L'homme à l'éléphant blanc (feat. F. Berardo)
05. Jhomo Langma (Deval, Part. 2)
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Përl is a post-metal band from France which  juggles with the feelings and invites you to an internal journey where confusion, violence, pondering and poetry mix.

Their latest release "Luminance" slipped under the radar of lots of post-metal fans, which is really a shame, because it's an amazing album from start to finish! Do not let the language barrier prevent you from hearing this masterpiece!

Once under spotlights, the trio delivers its music with energy and retained fury. Be prepared to rediscover catharsis in a concert of metal...

For fans of Obscure Sphinx, Eths.


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