Saturday, November 25, 2017

Recommendation: We All Die! What A Circus! - Somnium Effugium

Band: We All Die! What A Circus!
Album: Somnium Effugium
Label: Self Released
Year: 2017

01. Somnium I
02. Effugium I
03. Effugium II
04. Somnium II
05. Effugium III
06. Effugium IV
07. Somnium III

We All Die! What A Circus! is an one man post-rock band from Portugal and has returned with a haunting album!

"A metaphysical shelter from corporate society. An ascetic journey towards death but celebrating life itself."

Somnium Effugium recorded between March and September, 2017. The album is about the dream of escaping ("Somnium") and the escape itself ("Effugium"). In this world of borders and ruins, both on the inside and the outside, the need to escape is inevitable.


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