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Band: sleepmakeswaves

Band: sleepmakeswaves
Album: sleepmakeswaves EP
Label: Lost Children
Year: 2007

01.One day you will teach me to let go of my fears
02.By moving the stars I have found where you are hiding

Band: sleepmakeswaves
Album: In Today Already Walks Tomorrow
Label: Utopia Records
Year: 2008


01.I Will Write Peace on Your Wings and You Will Fly Over The World
02.Exits to Nowhere
03.One Day You Will Teach Me to Let Go Of My Fears
04.So That The Children Will Always Shout Her Name
05.It's Dark, It's Cold, It's Winter
06.What We Cannot Speak Of, Must be Passed Over in Silence

Band Members
Kid - Guitars
Tom - Guitars
Alex - Bass, Laptop & Keys
Will - Drums

sleepmakeswaves are an instrumental rock band from Sydney, Australia. Drawing influences mainly from but not limited to post-rock, the young quartet mix driving metallic bombast with textured electronics to create a sonic space where delicate melodies and thunderous climaxes peacefully co-exist.

Since their formation in late 2006, sleepmakeswaves have rapidly established themselves as a promising and unique voice in their field. Within the space of a year the band has enjoyed considerable word-of-mouth support and have landed auspicious opening slots with post-rock luminaries such as Pelican, Laura and Meniscus on the back of their powerful live show and acclaimed demo recording.

The band's debut EP 'in today already walks tomorrow' is as much a look towards the future as it is a powerful statement in its own right. The record's six varied tracks display sleepmakeswaves' intuitive yet meticulous approach to songwriting and unabashed musical romanticism – the belief that gorgeous melodies and sweeping crescendos really can move people without sounding cliché, tired or sentimental.

The second album is beauty in every sense of the word.Throughout the whole album there is a feeling of passion, of emotion, yet it is, as a whole, a very positive sounding album. It’s the type of album that takes you on a journey to a place where, all of a sudden, all negative thoughts leave you alone and everything is beautiful, everything is pure. Even at this very moment, while listening to the album, it’s a serious task to try and concentrate on writing this review, and not being taken away by the music.This album has a lot of variety on it. The opening minutes of the album have a very progressive feel due to very prominent drums and bass lines, and a very stop-start momentum. . There are some fairly heavy parts, particularly on the opener “i will write peace on your wings and you will fly over the world”, yet even the heaviest moments still incorporate some beautiful melodies, whether on guitar or keys, that keep reinforcing that sense of positivity. They album does feature quite a large amount of slower, more mellow passages, with the track “it’s dark, it’s cold, it’s winter” being one of the few more sorrowful moments.

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