Saturday, March 22, 2008

Band: Score One For Safety

Artist: Score One For Safety
Album: Yoni
Label: N/A
Year: 2006

01.Kuribo's Shoe (Re-interpreted By Alex)
02.Put On Firebird Baby, Cos We're Gonna Do It For 14 Minutes
03.Kid Vs. Comet
04.You're Never Too Old To Burn In A Fire
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Artist: Score One For Safety
Album: Castles EP
Label: N/A
Year: 2007

01.Castles 1
02.A Month In The Dark (Loud Edit)
03.Castles 2

Score One For Safety formed out of the ashes of five legendary golden dragons, from the five corners of the universe. They harness the power of magnets to create evil space music. Fear them.

Castle EP: "Epic" doesn't even begin to come close; these two untitled tracks from Barnet's SOFS would make the perfect soundtrack to the end of the world. Akin to standing atop the last remaining mountain as the rest of the planet disintregrates into nothingness - imagine The Neverending Story's Ivory tower destruction sequence as re-imagined by Clive Barker or some other sick fuck. Equal parts screamy hardcore and post-rock ambience, Castles takes a myriad of twists and turns from it's inauspicious beginnings to build to a truly anthemic climax, with the final gang chant vocals resounding like the defiant cry of mankind as he is wiped from the face of the Earth. 5/5 - Robin Southby

The word gargantuan would seem like an insult to Score One For Safety's new, epic Castles EP; daring to do what no one has done before, Score One For Safety fuses heavy-handed and distorted Hardcore with the more tranquil and ambiotic Post-Rock with magnificent produce - 'Castles 2' recreates the eerie feeling of your impending death, about to pounce whilst your back is turned, finally turning into a short but nonetheless mind-blowing passage of pure atmospherical hardcore. 'Castles 1' is Score One For Safety giving birth to the mysterious and violent mammoth that is 'Castles 1' - A titanic Odyssey with crushing yet melodic riffs with SOFS's singer screaming much like the sirens in the Illiad. Breaking down one last time, the music lulls you into a false sense of security - until finally the army of SOFS defiantly rings out their noble and majestic gang-vocal, hardcore-esque battle chant upon you - creating a feeling like you have truly witnessed the death of nobility. With a plethora of soundscapes, Score One For Safety conquer all, don't miss them in the coming year. Long live SOFS - David Robson


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