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Album: Ufomammut - Idolum

Artist: Ufomammut
Album: Idolum
Label: Supernatural Cat
Year: 2008

07.Void / Elephantom

Inspired as much by the space-tinged acid rock of Kyuss and Monster Magnet as by progressive rock icons like Pink Floyd, Blue Cheer and early Black Sabbath, Tortona, Italy's Ufomammut was formed in 1999 by Urlo (bass/vocals), Poia (guitar/keyboards) and Vita (drums).
After releasing their well-received Godlike Snake debut in the year 2000, Ufomammut toured sporadically and contributed odd tracks to numerous compilations and tribute albums -- most notably the Blue Explosion tribute to Blue Cheer.

"IDOLUM" is the title of the upcoming new album of Ufomammut. It'll be licensed by Supernatural Cat in April 2008.
It'll be out via Supernatural Cat in April 2008 in a limited and numbered edition of 500 pieces including a double 180gr vinyl and cd. The package will be on heavy cardboard totally handsilkscreened by Malleus Rock Art Lab. The limited edition will feature one bonus track on the vinyl version (HERMEAT) A standard cd version will be also licensed by Supernatural Cat.
Recorded in Milano at Magnolia studio and mixed and mastered at Locomotore Recording Studio in Roma, the album proudly features Lorenzo Stecconi as sound engineer. "Idolum" is a new chapter in the sonic adventure of Ufomammut, presenting a sensible evolution in the sound and in the songs' structure of the band: dark atmospheres, simple and mastodontic song frameworks, a new idea of psychedelic rock. "Idolum" is a latin word meaning "ghost" and "idea" at the same time, representing the massive but hidden presence as the main concepts of the album. Rose Kemp astonishing voice will be guest in "Ammonia" while Lorenzer of Lent0 has provided powerful sonic waves on "Elephantom" with his six strings.

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