Saturday, March 08, 2008

Album: Cloud Archive - Left The Bright Opening

Cloud Archive
Album: Left The Bright Opening
Label: The Leapyear Device
Year: 2007

02.Bring Lions
03.Never Catch A Falling Knife
04.How Comes It's So Great A Silence Has Fallen?
05.How To Smoke Roses

"Twenty minutes of music shouldn't be allowed to sound this convincing. Cloud Archive is California's latest offering, showcasing a smooth rhythmic foundation with progressive and ambient elements balanced in perfect harmony. The band knows how to pack a punch, as it wastes no time going straight for the jugular when it so desires; however, Cloud Archive is not all brawn and no brains. Several tracks on this short EP demonstrate an adept knowledge of cinematic soundscapes, complementing their rowdy compositions with splashes of panacean sounds." - The Silent Ballet


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