Sunday, October 04, 2009

Album: Aarktica - In Sea

Band: Aarktica
Album: In Sea
Label: Silber Records
Year: 2009


01. I Am (The Ice)
02. Lyzm
03. Hollow Earth Theory
04. A Plague Of Frost (In The Guise Of Diamonds)
05. In Sea
06. Onward
07. Young Light
08. Autumnal
09. Corpse Reviver No. 2
10. Instill
11. When We're Ghosts
12. Am I Demon

Aarktica was conceived in the winter of 1998 with Jon DeRosa’s permanent loss of hearing in one ear as a distraction from his other musical interests. As his hearing loss became less of a distraction and more of a new way of listening, Aarktica became a means to execute the soundtrack of the life in mono now thrust upon him. One of audio distortions, aural hallucinations and a reliance on painkillers. The first album No Solace in Sleep was recorded on a dying 4-track cassette recorder in various NYU dorm rooms and released on Silber Records in 2000.


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