Thursday, October 22, 2009

Album: Eaststrikewest - Wolvves

Band: Eaststrikewest
Album: Wolvves
Label: Thirty Days Of Night Records
Year: 2009

01. God Can't Take His Eyes Off Me
02. Stumble
03. Welcoming The Ghosts
04. Chu!
05. The Architect
06. Every Whisper And Word Said
07. Electricity
08. From Here You Can See Everything

If anyone knows of or remembers bands such as Rosa or Threemovements then welcome to the latest incarnation from those bands in Eaststrikewest who come equipped with their debut 'mini album' in their words. (To me 5 tracks is an EP, any more is an album hence the album billing at the top) In recent weeks Eaststrikewest have managed to garner praise from people such as Zane Lowe for their shoegazing, progressive crossover style and I have to say I'm going to agree with him in this instance.

"Wolvves" kicks off with 'God Can't Take His Eyes Off Me,' an instrumental that is very similar to work I have heard from Russian Circles, Pelican and Explosions From The Sky (which I gather are influences of the band also), granted I didn't expect an instrumental opener either, normally the music I get jumps in and kicks into 88 mph (same as a time traveling Delorean) without stopping so it felt like a welcome, yet suspenseful change.

For 'Stumble' and 'Welcoming The Ghosts' we get a true insight into Eaststrikewest as the haunting vocals (which to me combine the sounds of Thom Yorke [Radiohead] with the messages sent by the vocals of Yourcodenameis:Milo) kick in along with the foot stomping drums and guitar. This all nicely kicks off the anthemic style songs that follow and that Eaststrikewest are very capable of poducing. We then again get a small interlude in 'Chu!' which to me could have been left off I'm afraid, it just didn't click.

The rest of the album show more of the anthemic rock that I feel could get them high slots with bands such as Editors in the next year. 'Electricity' was the greatest of the three as it mixes the progressive structure along with the epicness that is usually always brought on by strings.

Bands like Eaststrikewest seem to have been hiding recently and hopefully this "mini" album and the praise it surely deserves will bring in an era of music not seen since the days of Hell Is For Heroes as well as underrated bands such as Brigade.

A band well worth listening to if you like epic songs.



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