Friday, April 09, 2010

News: Godspeed You! Black Emperor end hiatus

After seven years of hiatus, the legendary Godspeed You! Black Emperor have returned announcing their plans for shows in England, Europe and nine American towns for the next winter. The band will be curating and playing at ATP Nightmare Before Christmas 2010, which takes place during 3rd-5th December at Butlins Holiday Centre, Minehead.

The band's statement was published in a mysterious new site. The typewritten letter reads as follows:

"after a decade’s retreat, god’s pee has decided to roll again.
we are, as always, stoked, stubborn and petrified.
it's been awhile, and left in the rain, the brakes have rusted and seized- we'll have to go at it with hammers probably, with elbow grease and with fury, just like the old days all over again.
we look forward to it. also, moya's back in the fold (hallelujah!)

what we've been up to since the last time= a handful of other bands, and solitary roadtrips and wanderings, a couple of recording studios built, and a restaurant and 3 live venues also. a film soundtrack and 4 new kids and 3 new dogs. dead-end jobs. some farming and vegetable gardens. a small record label. acupuncture as a livelihood. and three of us just stayed on the road.

 current plans=a.t.p.u.k, a handful of british and european shows, and then 9 american towns.
until further introspection, WE WILL NOT BE FIELDING ANY OTHER OFFERS. nor will we be doing any interviews. inquiries directed to band, record label, or bookers will not be guaranteed a reply. alls we really want to do is the thing we do, heads down and leaned into the squall.

between now and the live-dates, there’ll be rivers of noise and distraction. and the internet is a petty tyrannical monster. please remember that really all that matters is the keep on keeping on. and all that really matters is the shows. and physical engagement in the world. and folks like us and folks like you.

thanks for understanding, and thank you for still listening.

see you next winter.

xoxoxox godspeed you! black emperor"

Great news for all the post-rock fans!

3 Engineers:

dr.nick said...

this is the most fucking beautiful news i could hear.
now i just wanna be raped bt their music.

River Lethe said...

Fantastic news, thanks! Maybe we'll get a new album!?!

data.hypercomplex said...

Well they are curator for this event.

Some bands are announced!

Black Dice
The Dead C
Francisco Lopez

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