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Album: Blueneck - Repetitions

Band: Blueneck
Album: Repetitions
Label: Denovali Records
Year: 2011

01. Pneumothorax
02. Sawbones
03. Venger
04. Sleeping Through A Storm
05. Una Salus Victus
06. Ellipsis
07. Barriers Down
08. The Last Refuge
09. Lopuss
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In September 2011 Blueneck release Repetitions, their third album, on Denovali Records.

The new LP is the follow-up to 2010’s The Fallen Host and 2006’s debut Scars of the Midwest.

Though steeped in the trademark melancholy power of their former works, Repetitions resonates with new heights of emotional drama. From the butcher’s knife-edge tension of strident opener ‘Pneumothorax’, past the cocooned confessional ‘Barriers Down’, to the cathartic windswept Americana of ‘The Last Refuge’, Repetitions makes a deliberate lunge for the emotional jugular.

It’s without doubt that this red-blooded output results from Repetitions’ unusual recording process. Whereas the first two albums were constructed in Blueneck’s reclusive studio deep in the farmlands of Somerset, this time the band made the deliberate decision to head to the city. Working with producer Mat Sampson in his Bink Bonk basement studios in Bristol, a recording session started that would eventually span an 18 month period, ending in June 2011.

It wasn’t just the surroundings that needed to change. Contrary to their previous approach, this time Sampson encouraged Blueneck to minimize digital trickery. The band deliberately embraced analogue tools, acoustic instruments and live performances. Much of Repetitions is recorded live as a band using vintage amplifiers, pedals and microphones, a vast array of ancient analogue synths and organs, not to mention the addition of authentic live upright piano, violin and cello.

Blueneck will follow the release of Repetitions with an extensive European tour throughout October and November 2011.

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