Saturday, January 28, 2012

Album: The Bear Romantic - Firewood

Band: The Bear Romantic
Album: Firewood
Label: A City Inside
Year: 2010

01. Stay Mine
02. Farmers
03. Kings
04. Desantes
05. The Shed
06. Point Of View
07. Yellow
08. Sparrows
09. The End

If you’re a fan of Harvard, you should already know some things about Jesse Clasen. To name a few, he has an incredible voice and knows how to use it, he plays piano, and occasionally, he will play some horns. What Firewood immediately teaches us is that Jesse had a hidden talent up his sleeve. Sure, he played acoustic guitar on The Inevitable and I, but the guitar on Firewood is much more intricate and it draws you into the song immediately, catching your interest and allowing Clasen to do, well…all the other things he does really well. Don’t come here looking for the pounding drums, groovy bass lines, or dizzying guitars that can be found when listening to Harvard. Just sit back and introduce yourself to the truly one of a kind talent that is The Bear Romantic.

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I really like this Band :D

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