Friday, January 06, 2012

News: Throwers And Vyst Involved In A Car Crash

Both bands Throwers and Vyst got involved in a terrible car crash on their five day tour on the way from Chemnitz to Vienna.

Our rented trailer including most of our valuable equipment got wrecked. Also our driver's VW T4 van got unrepairable destroyed. Gladly, no one got seriously injured. Only minor complainments like whiplashs and bad bruises.

We are truly grateful about everyone who helps us getting out of this miserable situation, no matter in what way.
We seriously thank you!

Incase you are interested in getting shirts, patches or records of any of both bands, you can go to and It would help us so much, since we're financially broken.

We are deeply sorry, but we have to cancel the tour.

It is going to take some time to get reorganized and to progress through all the things happened today.

Thank you for caring!

Much love,
Throwers & Vyst

We are overwhelmed!
People asked us about direct donations. You can write to and Im going to send you the bank information for donations. You can also donate via Paypal to, but Paypal substracts senseless fees.

Thank you! 
Throwers & Vyst

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