Friday, January 27, 2012

Album: Ruído/mm - Introdução à Cortina do Sótão

Band: Ruído/mm
Album: Introdução à Cortina do Sótão
Label: Sinewave
Year: 2011

01. Ciclotimia
02. Zarabatana
03. Petit Pavé
04. Valsa Dos Desertores
05. Esquimó
06. O Prestidigitador
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The band’s name is “noise per millimeter”. An imaginary measure that could explain the weird experimental sounds achieved by the group. Whether post-rock, art-rock, alternative rock, Tex-Mex Brazilian, experimental, jazz-rock or any other label that best suits you to define the sound of them. Instrumental tracks, playing with our senses, exploring synesthesia to a better understanding of their music. This is Ruído/mm, a brazilian instrumental band with no frontiers.
"Yes, you may call us a post-rock band, but we'd rather no tags. Or maybe as many tags as possible. It's up to you.
We are no musicians. We are doctors, geologists, biologists, designers and businessmen. We are a family..... oh wait, our doctor is a musician (and we're glad to say he is crazy as well).  
We were born from the grey series.
We washed out the evil in a tribe of electronic indians (our guitar fx lab).
After that, we took a long vacation at the beach.
And now....we are at the top of the most sacred mountain, ready to jump into a dream of noise and colors." - Ruído/mm

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