Wednesday, January 11, 2012

EP: Chronos - The Grips Of Winter

Band: Cronos
Album: The Grips Of Winter
Label: Dog Knights Production
Year: 2011

01. Umedalen: The City Of Birches
02. Veil
03. Palaces
04. You And The Cold Weather

Hardcore is a notoriously difficult thing to make a name in. So many bands are throwing on their basketball shorts and caps, blazoned with the latest short man syndrome band, and punching the floor to shoddy beatdowns. It’s all become a bit too easy. So when a band comes along like Chronos it’s something truly special.

Mixing hardcore with sludge and then peppering with angsty emo riffs this four track E.P. creeps by slowly. Pulling you into a web that allows you to relax and enjoy nine minute tracks like opener Umedalen: The City of Birches, despite our collective attention spans dropping by the week, and after that you’re hooked; revelling in the power of second track Veils.

Veils continues the down tuned, sludgy path that Umedalen started but constantly improves on it, growing heavier and angrier until it drops into gentler guitar passages. It’s this mix of brutality and beauty that keeps you interested. We’ve all heard guys shouting before, no matter how good it sounds, and we’ve all heard people batter their instruments all for the sake of a heavy sound so to see Chronos embrace the softer side of things is refreshing and when Veils so easily drops into the massive sounding Palaces the admiration grows.

It’s not perfect, not by a long shot, and they are plenty of bands before that have mixed light and dark together and come out trumps. What these four tracks represent is a band to watch out for. A band that will improve and transcend genres to find their own, but as a starting point The Grips of Winter swirls round the listener with its gorgeous sound all the way until the last note of instrumental closer You And The Cold Weather. If you want something original these guys might just be your new favourite band. - Sonic Shocks

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