Thursday, April 04, 2013

Album: The Psyke Project - Guillotine

Band: The Psyke Project
Album: Guillotine
Label: Bloated Veins, Braincrushing, Black Lake, Molestin and Swarm Of Nails
Year: 2013

01. Guillotine
02. Death Sight
03. The End
04. Partisan
05. The Mute
06. Empire
07. Ghost Fight
08. Hell Is Other People
09. When Man Became God
10. Good For Nothing
11. Menneske

The Psyke Project was formed in 2001 and has its home in Copenhagen, Denmark, Scandinavia.
The music is intense and heavy with influences ranging from sludge / post hardcore to punk metal. The Psyke Project has released five full lengths and one split album (with As We Fight) and toured most of Europe/UK several times.

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