Tuesday, April 02, 2013

EP: YOUAREHERE - Primavera

Album: Primavera EP
Label: Bomba Dischi
Year: 2013

01. Rest
02. December
03. About Me
04. Metaphysical
05. 1994
06. Primavera

YOUAREHERE is an electronic band founded in Rome in 2011, whose members are Andrea Di Carlo, Claudio Del Proposto and Patrizio Piastra. Their sound features obsessive glitchy beats, wrapping electronic atmospheres and moving melodic crescendos.

Their 2011 debut, As When The Fall Leaves Trees (51beats), is a 9-track album offering hectic rythms, obsessive loops, reverberated vocals and dreamy piano melodies.

On April 2nd, 2013, YOUAREHERE have released, for the Italian label Bomba Dischi, their new 6-track EP, called Primavera. A juicy foretaste of the new full-length the band is already working on.

YOUAREHERE's live performance is characterized by cinematic visuals with striking images. The band showcases an uninterrupted sound, elegantly switching from ambient post-rock atmospheres to distorted and dancing rhythms. Electronic loops play with releasing vocals, creating enchanting melodic overtures.

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