Saturday, March 08, 2014

EP: Winter Isle - Eilean

Band: Winter Isle
Album: Eilean EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

01. Stand The Test Of Time        
02. Dark Harbour             
03. 54.97°N, 1.61°W    
04. Three Years Of Winter               
05. 58.03°N 5.45°W              
06. The Woodsman              
07. The Trees

Eilean EP is the debut release of Winter Isle, which was self released with a budget of only 40£ and all the packagin, including the wooden boxes, are handmade.

"So you like your songs long and your melodies big and beautiful? Well let me introduce you to a brand new Newcastle Upon Tyne based instrumental post-rock band Winter Isle, made up of ex-members of Lavotchkin, Kansasburns and Black Wolves. Although taking influences from bands such as Mogwai, Cult of Luna, and Red Sparowes, Winter Isle have crafted their own take on the post-rock genre with their own brand of instrumental bigger riffs, sound scape's, folk influenced guitars tided with an under-current of electronic ambience. Debuting their first live appearance in August 2013 at a secret warehouse event curated by Matterhorn UK. Winter Isle presented both an individual and impressive live incarnation, leaving many eagerly anticipating a debut release. Several months on, “Eilean” (pronounced "el-lan", a gaelic word for island); the impressively self recorded and produced debut Winter Isle record has been completed and is currently in the process of being self released by the band. Opting to release via limited cassette with beautifully manufactured wooden cases along with download codes, Winter Isle will be playing a series of gigs around the UK later this year." - Press Release

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