Saturday, April 12, 2014

Album: Challenger Deep - Irreversible

Band: Challenger Deep
Album: Irreversible
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

01. Preface
02. Infinity
03. Melancholia
04. Martyr(s)
05. Solace
06. Hope
07. Farewell

Challenger Deep was formed in the end of 2009 and their music is a mix of screamo, post-metal, post-hardcore and post-rock. In July of 2011 the band released their debut album "Our Own Prisons". For 2 years Challenger Deep played along with Amia Venera Landscape, Devil Sold His Soul, The Ocean and now, after numerous changes in the band, they released their second album.

"The album is dedicated to the day when the humanity aspires gradually, actively and ruthlessly destroying each other and and the guiding light in their hearts. We can deny it, we can master the depression, but eventually we accept it. And killing the remains of hope, we take the his (her) hand if someone else so worthless and poor will stay with us, and look into the eyes of the end of everything... "

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