Friday, April 04, 2014

EP: Tom Adams - In The Constant Noise

Band: Tom Adams
Album: In The Constant Noise EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

01. Migration
02. Travel Where The Moon Pulls
03. In The Constant Noise
04. From A Great Height
05. A Breath
06. The End

Tom Adams (The Mountaineering Club Orchestra) is a multi instrumentalist composer, producer and songwriter based in the UK. He recently composed the OST for the Universal Pictures feature film 'The Knife That Killed Me'.

'In The Constant Noise' was recorded outside very late at night using a small hand-held recorder. On each recorded layer the sounds of wind, rustling leaves and other natural reverberations can be heard in the background. By emphasizing and celebrating these imperfections, the idea of silence in a world where high noise levels are the norm is explored. The result is a set of songs that, whilst each telling their own story, are unified in a melancholic lament for the sounds that have been lost in the constant noise.

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