Wednesday, April 23, 2014

EP: Arsiesys / Exilym - The First Encounter

Band: Arsiesys / Exilym
Album: The First Encounter EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

01. Industry Of The Dictature
02. The Bluest Of Blue Skies And The Most Angelic Of Angels
03. The Fall
04. This Is The End

Act 1: Running away from the ashes of my life

Arsiesys left everything behind her. Walking for days, weeks, months. Waiting for the apocalypse which didn't come. During her journey she observed the dictature of the spirit, exercised by what is hidden within human civilisation.

Her road leads her to the end of the world. The next step she takes will bring her into the void, and life will then be over. One more step, under this beautiful blue sky. But she doesn't fall. A door, on the side of what seems to be a spaceship, appears in front of her. It opens, and the Stranger held within, like the most angelic of angels, motions her to get on.

Act 2: Flying away from the ashes of the world

The Stranger wakes up on Earth. Twenty-first century Earth. His original world explosions bring him back to the past. He was attracted here, but he is in the wrong place. He quickly realises that the end of his world will cause the fall of this one. He has to leave.

He sees this mysterious woman on the edge of the void where The Freedom, his spaceship, has landed. Just as she is about to end her life, he opens the airlock leading to the exit, and reaches out to her. No words, no noise. She enters the ship, which then takes off and escapes from Earth's atmosphere. Arsiesys and the Stranger silently watch the first destruction. The first end of the world.



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