Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Streaming: Sora Shima - You Are Surrounded

Band: Sora Shima
Album: You Are Surrounded
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

01. Gang Violins
02. Fill Spectre
03. Glass Coffins
04. Fire-Arms / Cowboy Destroyer
05. And Behold A Pale Horse
06. Acidhouse
07. Raytheon
08. Sendai / Kurosawa
09. After The Funeral

Once described by Undertheradar as "properly abstract, terrifyingly beautiful", New Zealand sonic rock architects Sora Shima have been quietly (or perhaps not so quietly) honing their "dark and dreamy" instrumental craft since 2006. The fiercely independent group have self-released 3 EPs, a beautiful 10 inch vinyl 'Empress' and an ambitious longplayer entitled 'You Are Surrounded' (2014).

Sora Shima's debut album has finally arrived. You Are Surrounded is the culmination of years (almost 7...) of struggle - from studios being struck down by lightning just hours before the band were booked in, to scraping and restarting the recording process several times, all the while losing and gaining band (and family) members along the way. There were wonderful, small victories followed by major setbacks. Days turned to weeks, eventually months - at times the odds seemed insurmountable. But they did it.

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