Tuesday, September 23, 2014

EP: Kiss Me Sunset - Moonshine Bowling

Band: Kiss Me Sunset
Album: Moonshine Bowling EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

01. A Desert Made Of Fur
02. At The Purple
03. Déjà Vu
04. Sweet Blueberry Root / Celebrate

Kiss Me Sunset is a trio made up of neo-psychedelic Montreal musicians Bernard Lafontaine, Frédéric Lapointe and Martin Ferguson. Following various musical projects of compositional work focusing mainly on the studio, the three musicians decided to create together around improvisation sessions, relying on simplicity, chance and the energy of the music. This lead, in 2013, to a sound that characterizes them and to the creation of Kiss Me Sunset.

The sound of Kiss Me Sunset is defined by a strong rhythmic foundation, marked by an hypnotic cadence. Arrangements, reminiscent of the 60s/70s rock and it’s psychedelia, are not confined only to that label: the group easily works outside the box and it’s instrumentation has no real limit, sometimes getting away from its purely rock sound for a more textured one. The vocal melodies, in turn, may fuse with the music, other times just brush with it, giving depth and liveliness to more fleeting and contemplative harmonies.


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