Monday, May 01, 2017

Recommendation: Fjord - Portrait For A Reflection

Band: Fjord
Album: Portrait For A Reflection
Label: Self Released
Year: 2016

01. Stars In An Ocean Of Darkness
02. There Is Life Inside This Sapphire
03. Phoenix
04. A Breath As A Promise
05. Island Of Commitments
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A portrait… mine, yours… it’s just one’s reflection crafted by nature’s key elements. As you probably figured it out, “Portrait for a Reflection” is a tribute brought to the synergy between man and nature, the power of free will, alongside with the optimistic thought of belonging to an infinite universe. The album contains five songs, each one impersonating through title and sound emotions given by the nature’s five key elements.

"Portrait for a Reflection" is Fjord's second full-length album, but as opposed to "On Icy Shores", they approached it as an instrumental album right from the beginning. This allowed them to bring new dimensions to their sound, combining various post-rock, post-metal and progressive elements, among others, with the main purpose of bringing a fresh vibe to instrumental music. 


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