Monday, March 29, 2010

Album: Arroyo - Individuum & Massen

Band: Arroyo
Album: Individuum & Massen
Year: 2009
Label: Self Released

01. Paranorm
02. Kanaan

The band has been founded late 2006. The music ranges between slow and epic post-rock and aggressive screamo with a very peculiar way of experimental music. The lyrics are all German and deal with all ways of a philosophically world view. The main musical influences are Cult Of Luna, Daturah and Envy. After two years of playing several shows with amazing bands they finally recorded their first EP “Individuum & Massen” and released it on 21th of January 2009.
In September (same year) Fabian Krämer (drummer), left the band because of personal reasons. But only two days after that, Tim Friedrich entered, to be the new one behind the drums. Since then the band works on new stuff, which possibly will be recorded in 2010 for a new EP/Album.

Buy: Unfortunately the EP is sold out.

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