Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Album: Various Artists - The Silent Ballet & Lost Children: Volume 15

Band: Various Artists
Album: The Silent Ballet & Lost Children: Volume 15
Label: Lost Children
Year: 2010

01. Across Tundras: Rainmaker - Floodreaper
02. Kodiak: By the Sea
03. Year Of No Light: Hiérophante
04. Aidan Baker: Turn Tail
05. Rosetta: Rain Falling on a Factory Roof (Redux)
06. Svartbag: Construct/Morse
07. Vanessa Van Basten: L’uomo Che Comprava il Tempo
08. No One Wished To Settle Hereafter: Scarce Christmas
09. SardoniS: It Walks the Mountain
10. Heirs: Mandril
11. Equus: VIII
12. Hellas Mounds: Movement II

The Silent Ballet e-zine and Lost Children Netlabel released their latest compilation which includes twelve post-metal bands. Among the tracks of the compilation there are two songs from the forthcoming highly anticipated new releases from Rosetta and Year Of No Light. Here is the press release of the compilation:

As is becoming tradition around these parts, Volume 14 and 15 will be released in close proximity to one another. Each compilation continues the website’s commitment to spotlighting emerging musicians, featuring upcoming releases, and providing rare tracks from our favorite artists to our readers. Our focus is always on the international level, and we’ll never tire of searching for the next best thing in the most unusual of places. Our goal of a seven continent split is almost within our grasp, we’re just awaiting news of the first penguin-led post-rock group.We’re also committed to our goal of providing quality music in a respectable format without charge. As one of life’s greatest pleasures, music should be freely available to all and resistant to commodification. As the Lost Children Netlabel looks ready to close in on its one hundredth release in 2010, we at The Silent Ballet are thankful that the label has stuck to its goals and continues to provide excellent music free of charge. Although it may seem like the music industry gets ragged on a lot, if there were more labels like Lost Children around, we think that the music climate would be a much more agreeable place for musicians.

A big thanks goes out to all the artists and labels who made this project possible. Relevant links can be found below; any support is greatly appreciated.

–Jordan Volz
The Silent Ballet
–Barry Rogers
Lost Children Net Label

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