Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Album: Capitalism Is Just Another Dying Breed - Self Titled

Band: Capitalism Is Just Another Dying Breed
Album: Self Titled
Label: Self Released
Year: 2010

01. (I) Öppen
02. (II) Stenen Framför Dina Fötter, Det Är Jag
03. (III) Meningar Är Bara Ord, Ord Bara Bokstäver, Bokstäver Bara Intalade Bilder Och Vi Stod Där Mitt I Gatan. Dina Händer Och Fötter Frös
04. (IIII) Om Det Var Sant Skulle Drömmen Vara Verklighet Och Verklighet En Dröm
05. (IIIII) Du Hör Skriken Om Du Bara Lyssnar
06. (IIIIII) Fotspåren Är Tydliga, Men Det är Storlek 42

Capitalism Is Just Another Dying Breed is a one man band hailin from Södermanlands län, Sweden. The only band member, Victor Soldéus, gives this EP for free downloading noticing that "Today is all about making money and being someone. Companies and humans are killing each other for a name, for profit and land. Someone else are trying just to make a living, because they do not "fit in", in this moneymaking-drowning world. This music is about people, oppression and beings who are themselves.. And not tries to be someone else or manipulating for fame."
Recently he signed in a polish record label called 49Mannaquins and it's going to release his EP.

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