Friday, March 05, 2010

Album: Vulturum - Vineta

Band: Vulturum
Album: Vineta
Label: Sangue Dischi
Year: 2009

01. Mantide
02. Blckhlsfrys
03. R.Y.E
04. We Own The Stars

Vulturum is a three piece band, two of which are drummers, from Milan, Italy. Nicola Ferloni lies behind the vocals and all the stringed instruments, as Alessio Leone and Luca "Yety" Battaglia are behind the two drum sets.
Their debut album "Vineta" consist by 4 unique tracks, so delicious as an Italian menu.
"Mantide" acts like an appetizer and makes you to want to have the main menu consisting from "Blckhlsfrys" and "R.Y.E" and as a dessert "We Own The Stars" is a little bit heavier than expected, as it's the only metalcore track of the album. A post/sludge-core storm that leaves you wondering for what you just heard.
After such a debut album the only thing that comes to mind is their next move.
*Thanx to Soundholikz for their review.


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